Commission on Religion and Belief Report

How could an independent questions into the relationship in between faith and British society, performed by people of intelligence and goodwill, deal with unintentionally to insult the 2 largest spiritual organizations in the country, the Church of England and the Catholic Church?

The Commission on Religion and Belief  simply released a report which recommends that the sponsorship and help of education by these 2 Churches– in England and Wales, about a 3rd of the total– is hazardous to the general public interest.

In spite of its persistence to the contrary, the commission appears to have actually made no effort at impartiality.

The important passage checks out: “In England, succeeding federal governments have actually claimed over the last few years that faith schools and totally free schools create and promote social inclusion which leads to cohesion and combination.

However, in our view it is unclear that partition of young people into faith schools has promoted greater cohesion or that it has not in reality been socially dissentious and led rather to higher misconception and tension.” The last complicated sentence may not be more controversial, from the packed word “partition” onwards.

There is a clear accusation that faith schools minimize social cohesion and boost social department.

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